Instant Traffic Formula


Instant Traffic Formula

The clock is ticking, and the countdown has begun…

 Monday 24th March the countdown to the launch of Internet Traffic Formula and Your Biggest Month Ever begins.

 Vick Strizheus will be releasing FREE videos through the week. He will be revealing his biggest secrets to the world.
The great thing about this is it doesn't matter what business you are currently in. Everyone needs Leads and conversions within their business. 

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You can use this Formula for ANY business, and Industry, any Product, Company, or Opportunity.

Commission Based Sales
Direct Sales 
Network Marketing
Real Estate
Small Business
Affiliate Marketing
Mom & Pop Retail
Franchise Owners
Membership Sites
Financial Services

Instant Traffic Formula

This is it guys, tomorrow is set to be a BIG day for the internet marketing world… Because the ‘king of online traffic’ Vick Strizheus, has decided to share all of his traffic secrets…

So put MONDAY 31ST MARCH in your calender as the day Internet Traffic Formula & Your Biggest Month Ever ROCK the Internet marketing world.

So our tip is to grab it on Monday March 31st when the cart opens for purchase.

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Hush Hush Workshop of The Ultra Wealthy 

We had the opportunty to go to the Hush Hush Ultra Wealthy Seminar this past week in Las Vegas.Vick Strizheus, who is our mentor set up this entire event. We can not reveal all of the secrets that were given at this event,since we signed an NDA but we can tell you that Vick brought in a team of specialists within their own field and they were amazing. We learned so many things that the Ultra Weathly know. We recommend anyone who can go to this event, should find a way.We will be posting more details on how people can become certified and start earning commissions.So more to come on this topic.

During the weekend we connected with Vick and he shared the vision of Big Idea Mastermind with us. We are currenlty at 28,000 members in Big Idea Mastermind.He projected that we will be over 250,000 people by the end of 2014.Now wouldn't you want to join this vision and ride the wave? Well I hope you are seeing  the potential we have being a part of this team.Click here to find out more.



 We were able to have private meeting with Nick Malis, who was one of the people that Vick introduced us to. Nick is regarded as a #1 Tax Professional, who has worked with Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki and many others influential leaders. He spend  a lot of time reviewing a plan for our business. He was extremely helpful and just a great guy. The cost of this program was well worth it. In our opinion this seminar really was worth over $10,000.We are feeling very thankful to be a part of Big Idea Mastermind.If you want more information on Big Idea Mastermind-Click Here






Empower Network Products in Different Languages


SO EXCITING... Empower Products are now displaying 'Closed Captioned' Subtitles in Different Languages!

We are ready to work with you directly and help you build your business on an International scale and achieve your dreams worldwide! ...

The following products are now available:

✔ Costa Rica Intensive (English, Spanish, Russian)
✔ 15k Formula (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian)
✔ Masters Course (English, Spanish, Russian)


This is an amazing time within our company. To have products that will be used  Globally now will expand any business that you are involved with.

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This has NEVER been seen before in the
home business industry!


You want to know how to get someone else
to call your leads and close your sales
for you... All while you get to keep ALL
of the commissions?


You don't need ANY prior experience or
technical know-how to make this work!

3 words... THIS. IS. AWESOME.

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High Commissions : Up to $7,500 per sale with EMPOWER NETWORK Products high ticket items.

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